social media confidence

for small businesses


An intimate workshop to give small business owners the confidence to elevate their Instagram game. From branding, marketing, photography & developing your core design assets. The day is designed to leave you with the knowledge, tools & inspiration to go out & create content that reflects your brand values, but doesn’t leave you panicking on how to do it every time you want to post. We want to help you find your hook!

Apart from the training there will be some yummy lunch, hot drinks & goody bags. This is guaranteed to be a really fun & inspiring day with clear objectives coming out of it.

elements of the day


Lucie will be working on the branding element of the workshop, initially delving into some brand psychology and why it’s important for small businesses.

We’ll then look at how to use your existing brand elements – logos, colour palettes and templates to develop a suite of assets you go to continually re-enforce your brand.

We’ll suggest which apps, methods and software there is available to you to make doing all of that easier & more professional looking.

Lastly the afternoon practical session is showing you how to create beautiful looking posts with tips, tricks & ‘a-ha’ moments with a hands on small group working environment. Leaving you with the inspiration and confidence to then go ahead and continue creating this for yourself.


Highly experienced & super talented Professional Photographer, Charlie Alexander from Farlie Photography, will be talking to us about the importance of professional photography for our businesses. From branding shoots, to product photography- we’ll be looking at how this elevates the visual appeal for a small business.

Within this section of the day, she’ll also work with us on how to take better photos with the phones & camera equipment we already have. There’ll be some insight on which apps/software and props you can use too.

The practical session will include small group working to take some DIY photos with your phone, flat lays, product shots etc. As well as the opportunity to have a headshot taken by Charlie for your stock image library.


Barbara Gill

Barbara Gill is a marketing strategy expert with over 15 years industry experience. She loves working with small businesses to level up their marketing plans.

In this element of the day, Barbara will work with you to plan your content for the forthcoming month.

Identifying your target personas, utilising the different insta tools and tailored to your business objectives, you will leave the session with a strategic, workable, manageable plan for your Instagram feed.

All the sessions will be underpinned by providing you with tips, tricks and hands on experience of how to use certain features of Instagram to help you to easily present your brand aesthetic in efficient and uncomplicated ways.