How to define & convey your brand

by | May 25, 2023 | Branding, Business, Learning

It seems a cliche, but I promise you it’s not…

YOU are your brand. You are what makes your offering different to the next business that offers the same thing. It’s your energy, your special quirk or detail that is uniquely yours. Honing in on what your brand message and values are is going to be key to developing and nurturing your brand so that people can buy into it.

Consistently communicating your brand through your visual identity, your spoken message by getting your face to camera and communicating your brand message clearly across all written comms too will help you to build customer trust, rapport and ultimately make more sales.

SO… here are a few tips on how you can begin to define your brand:

Write down 3 words to describe your offering.

  • Think about where you are positioned in your chosen market (entry level/premium etc), personality type (fun/friendly/trustworthy), are you wanting to project yourself as an expert or

2. If you’re thinking about re-evaluating rates/pricing, now’s the time to consider if your brand is accurately reflecting your offering.

  • Think of other businesses you find inspirational/aspirational. What are they doing that you could learn from to level up your own offering?
  • To make that shift, do you need to invest in professional help in order to do this? Graphic or web designer, a marketing strategy, new professional photography, copywriting help or support to upgrade business software/processes?

3. Be efficient and organised…

  • Have you got all variations of your logo (JPG/PNG) saved somewhere sensible on your phone and computer/laptop for easy content creation? (and if you’ve only got a dodgy pixeallated version, please come and chat to me lol!!)
  • Are you confident with your brand guidelines? Do you know all your colour codes for your brand colours. Do you know what fonts you use?
  • Do you have an account on Canva (or similar) to help you to implement your branding consistently?
  • Have you got all of your photography saved in folders for easy access?

So in summary…

People buy from people, show up to increase your chances of people buying into your service or product. We have to step away from this idea of everything being perfect from the outset, you have to practice and invest time into getting better at creating slick content. But I can assure you that practice and consistency will, in the long term, build that customer recognition and loyalty that will help to grow your business.

And on the flip side… Understanding that balance of investing into yourself and your business by up-skilling through courses and workshops, but also knowing when your time and money is better spent by outsourcing professional help too, is really powerful. Finding people who you trust to support you in the day-to-day life of running your business is a really liberating feeling, it allows you to do the things you love and that makes you money, which I think is what this is all meant to be about?!

Feel free to email me if you’d like more info about branding and content creation, I’d love to chat!